Bushel: Powerful, affordable Mobile Device Management and proud sponsor of Apple World Today

Our returning sponsor for this week is Bushel, the powerful and affordable cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution for Apple products. It doesn't matter if your organization doesn't have a dedicated IT staff to handle device management -- Bushel is easy enough to use that anyone can take on the responsibility of keeping all of your Apple devices safe and up-to-date. Bushel is free for the first three devices, then only $2 per month per device above that number. What can Bushel do for your organization?

  • Device Inventory lets you view remaining device storage capacity, which user is using which device, what apps you’ve installed on devices, and more.
  • Automatically configure email on all of your devices. Users get up and running quickly, and IT can ensure ongoing management for these devices.
  • Managing apps is super simple. Automatically install apps from the App Store to all of your devices at once.
  • Having your valuable business data in the wrong hands can be a scary thought, but with Bushel, if a device is lost or stolen, it can be locked remotely, or wiped completely.
  • You can configure company-owned devices through Bushel without having to physically touch the devices before users get them.

The team at Bushel describes the product and how it's used as follows:

“For some people, IT is a task and not a career. Bushel is a simple-to-use cloud-based tool that anyone can leverage to manage the Apple devices in their workplace. Bushel allows you to easily set-up and protect all of the Apple devices that you distribute to your team, or those that your team already has. All wrapped into one seamless interface so you can manage those Apple devices when you want, wherever you are. Bushel makes the complex simple, so you can focus on what matters most, all while taking back your nights and weekends. Learn more at bushel.com.

Simply stated, Bushel is perfect for small- to medium-sized business and any organization that needs to keep Macs and iOS devices under control with a minimum of effort and no additional staff. Bushel is the way to keep administration costs under control and give your organization power over your iOS and Mac devices.

Take control of your Apple world with Bushel, and show your support for Apple World Today, by signing up for free today.

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