Photojojo opens presale on Iris Lens kit

Avid iPhoneographers are familiar with the great lens kits that are available from Olloclip and how they can turn a so-so photo into a winner, but Olloclip lenses have two issues: they're expensive and if you use any case but the one from Olloclip, you have to remove it before you can use the lenses. Today, Photojojo has opened up presales on their new Iris Lens series, with special pricing today only.

While they're still not exactly inexpensive, the Iris Lenses have some major advantages over the Olloclip product. First, you can purchase just one lens if that's all you need -- there's no need to buy a fisheye lens or macro lens that you're never going to use if you don't want to. Second, the lenses work with most iPhone cases, using a unique elastomeric paracord to hold a mount in place.

Today only -- and while supplies last -- the full lens kit that consists of a fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens is available for $99 (usual price $140). A single lens is currently selling on presale for $49 (regularly $69) and will bump up to $59 when the first 200 are gone.

Unlike the Olloclip lenses, which always show a bit of vignetting and lack of focus on the corners, it appears that the Iris Lens series has been designed to avoid those issues. We're hoping to get some Iris Lenses to review here shortly, so keep your browser tuned to Apple World Today for more info.