Tapity selling distribution rights for two apps to focus on one

Are any of our readers iOS developers who would like to purchase the distribution rights to two well known and respected apps from another developer? Tapity, developer of Hours, Grades and Languages, has decided to put the latter two properties up for sale as the small indie app development firm simply can't focus enough attention on the two apps thanks to the popularity of the time-tracking app.

Jeremy Olson of Tapity explained it all in a post on Medium, where he described the reasons behind putting two viable properties up for sale. For both Grades and Languages, Olson provides detailed histories and sales stats, so anyone interested in bidding on the apps can get full disclosure before moving ahead.

Grades is an Apple Design Award winning app that helps students manage classes. Starting as a fun way of letting students figure out what grades they needed to get on an exam in order to keep their grade point average up, Grades expanded to add note-taking management features and due date management for assignments. With an asking price of $30,000 to buy the property outright and a lot of earnings potential, Grades is an app with a proven track record that educational app development companies may want to take a serious look at.

As for Languages, it's another award-winner that translates languages without an internet connection. With a lot more earnings potential down the road (and in its history), the asking price for Languages is $60,000. 

The full reasoning behind putting two popular apps up for sale? Tapity feels as if it has neglected them in the process of growing Hours, its popular time tracking app. This is a perfect opportunity for a small development firm to grow quickly with two proven products. Olson’s contact information is available in the post on Medium.