Dog & Bone announces world's first Bluetooth padlocks

Australian accessory manufacturer Dog & Bone is best known for its amazing Wetsuit cases for iPhone, but the company has just made a splash in the “internet of things” market by introducing the world’s first keyless Bluetooth padlocks. Using an iOS or Android app as a virtual key, the US$89.95 LockSmart Keyless Bluetooth Padlock and $69.95 Locksmart Mini Keyless Bluetooth Padlock will be shipping in December, just in time to lock up those new Christmas gifts.

The LockSmart’s app lets users manage one or many padlocks, even allowing owners to send virtual “keys” to others for access to a lock. The app tracks all lock activity, including the user name, date and time of use, and the owner can revoke access at any time with a few taps.

For iPhone owners who have devices that support Touch ID, the LockSmart padlocks can be unlocked with a fingerprint. Users can also tap an app icon to unlock the padlock, or enter a passcode.

LockSmart Mini Black 5.png

The padlock contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can last up to two years or as many as 3,000 unlocks. When charging is necessary, the app notifies the user who can then plug a standard micro-USB cable into a weather-sealed port for recharging.

The LockSmart padlocks are beating a popular Kickstarter project to market. The NOKE padlock received funding back in August of 2014 and backers are still waiting for the locks to ship. The LockSmart and LockSmart Mini will be available at RadioShack stores (yes, there are a number that are still open!) in December, and on the Dog & Bone website as well.

Apple World Today will have a hands-on review of the LockSmart Keyless Bluetooth Padlock soon.