AWT News Update: November 17, 2015

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  • 2-hour delivery in Manhattan from Apple can be yours for just $19
  • New 15-second Apple ads highlight games and content
  • A new Apple Watch charging dock appears to be on the way from Apple
  • Samsung "fixes" the Galaxy Note 5 "S Pen" issue
  • Apple Pay adds more banks in the US, partners with H&R Block

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for November 17, 2015. 

What’s better than overnight delivery on an order from Apple? How about getting courier delivery within two hours. That’s what Apple is doing in Manhattan, with deliveries available through its service partner Postmates for $19. Apple has been doing a similar service in the San Francisco Bay Area since May, and there’s a possibility that this could expand to other cities where Postmates operates like Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Minneapolis. Rumors in June stated that Apple was considering partnering with Uber for a same-day delivery service, but it fell through, possibly because the ride-on-demand service couldn’t provide insurance for expensive products. 

Apple today released five new 15-second ads for the Apple TV that focus on interactive games and streaming content available on the tvOS App Store. The ads start with a TV color card that transforms into a short promo for the app or content before zipping to a simulated Apple TV screen highlighting the app icon. The games promoted are Crossy Road, Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, and Asphalt 8, while Orange is the New Black from Netflix and Game of Thrones on HBO Now are the highlighted content. All of the spots can be viewed on the official Apple YouTube channel now. 

Several European websites today leaked information about an unreleased Apple Watch product from Apple called the Magnetic Charging Dock. The first images were blurry-cam photos of a product box, while a German website showed the actual product in action with the Watch. The Magnetic Charging Dock is a disk-shaped device on which an Apple Watch can be laid flat. For use in Nightstand mode, a center magnetic charging puck can be rotated into a vertical position. A number of third-party charging docks have been available since the release of the Watch, but this would be the first official accessory of its type from Apple. 

You may remember a news item from a few months ago when the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was first released in which we described how the design of the device’s stylus or “S Pen” was flawed and some users were damaging their Notes by inserting it into the phone the wrong way. Well, rather than redesign the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung now wraps the phone with a warning label showing the correct way to insert the stylus into the phone. No comment. 

It appears that the streaming music wars have taken at least one casualty today. Rdio has filed for bankruptcy and will wind down its service over time. If the bankruptcy goes through, Pandora will buy some assets from Rdio, and a lot of the Rdio team will be offered jobs at Pandora. Rdio says that service will not be interrupted, but will provide updates to listeners as the bankruptcy proceedings move ahead. 

One final note. Apple Pay gained 95 new issuing banks and credit unions today, with one large national provider surprising a lot of us. H&R Block, well known for their tax preparation services, will offer Apple Pay with its prepaid Emerald debit card. Users can send a tax refund or a refund anticipation check directly to the card, then use Apple Pay to spend that money. This latest announcement brings the number of issuers to over 750 in the US. In addition, Apple Pay started on American Express cards in Canada today and will launch in Australia — also on American Express cards — on Thursday. 

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.