Apple World Today: Patronage, expenses, and attrition

The Apple World Today Patreon campaign has been in force since the site first launched in February, and we’ve never come close to our goals for funding -- those goals are listed at right. That goal has dropped significantly in size; we now need only about $2,000 a month to keep the lights on, but it’s never happened. We see our readership numbers growing, but we’re still just not big enough to get a lot of sponsors and advertisers… and we’d like to do away with ads altogether someday. Our faith that AWT is going to continue to grow and prosper is the only thing that’s keeping the site going right now. 

There are two problems with crowdfunding a website like this. First, the Patreon numbers don’t reflect the fact that Patreon takes an administrative fee. They’re going to change that soon, but right now the AWT Patreon Page shows 283 patrons at a total of $1560.51 per month. How much of that does AWT actually see? Patreon takes 5 percent right off the top, and then credit card fees are about 6 percent more. So those fees off of our total amount and you can see that Dennis and I are squeaking along on about $670 each per month. Considering the number of hours we put in on this site, that’s not only below the minimum wage, but if we had no other sources of income that would put us well below the US poverty level. Yes, we work other jobs to make a living, but we’d love to do nothing but focus on AWT. 

The second problem we see is attrition. About two months ago I was happy to announce that we were at about $1700 per month in pledges. Fortunately we have lost very few patrons, but we have seen a number of people reduce their monthly pledges. 

It costs us money to continue running this site. Fortunately, our host — Squarespace — is relatively inexpensive, but there are costs associated with everything from mass emailing to potential advertisers and sponsors to the personal expenses of buying equipment so that we can keep bringing you reviews of the latest Apple technology. Think it’s cheap to buy all of the newest Apple products, especially in a year like 2015? Wrong.

We dislike asking over and over for your support, but we really need to get the level up to the point that the two of us aren’t struggling. For those of you who are faithfully giving your financial support each month, thank you. Those of you who visit the site regularly but don’t support us? Please consider making a small monthly donation to keep things going. For those of you who get the benefit of our work through reading the RSS feed, we’d like to see your support as well. 

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