One option if you’re having an app crashing problem with your iPad Pro

After I bought my new iPad Pro, I quickly installed Pages and began using it. However, on day two, when I opened the app, it would crash. Every. Single. Time. What I eventually had to do was restore the super-sized iPad to its factory settings, then reinstall Pages.

Before I did this, I deleted the software and re-downloaded it from the Apple App Store. Nothing changed. Pages crashed almost immediately after I opened it, and the iPad Pro went to the home screen again automatically.

At Apple Support’s suggestion, I connected the iPad Pro to my Mac, clicked on the tablet’s icon, then tapped “Summary.” I chose “Backup Now” and backed up all my iPad’s data. This took awhile. After the backup was complete, I selected the “Restore iPad”  to set it up as a “New iPad. Once this was done, I went to the Apple App Store, downloaded Pages (again), then went to my iCloud Drive and updated my Pages documents folder. 

That did the trick and resolved the crashing issue. Once I was sure everything was good on that front, I went back to iTunes and choose “Restore Backup” under the iPad settings.

If you’re experiencing crashes with a particular and nothing else works, this may be the only option for you. It’s time-consuming, but it works.