Mad Catz C.T.R.L. Wireless GamePad can improve your gaming experience

By David Foster

I love my games and I’m always looking for another way to make the gaming experience better! Today’s smartphones are loaded with the ability to run some impressive games, but my fat thumbs seem to get in the way of enjoying the stunning graphics. The $59.99 Mad Catz C.T.R.L. Wireless GamePad helps to alleviate this problem. 

The Mad Catz C.T.R.L. Wireless GamePad is a fully loaded Bluetooth controller that runs off two AAA batteries. It comes with a phone clip so that you can securely hold your phone in landscape position while enjoying your games. The layout is similar to an xbox controller in design with a much lighter feel. 

The controller was very easy to setup and responded well while playing games. It is a little on the sensitive side which took me some time to get adjusted to it. The battery life is great. I have put 20 hours on the controller and have not needed to replace the batteries. 

A couple of rechargebles should have you covered. You won’t be disappointed by the controller, it does a good job. The phone clip does a great job at securely locking on to your phone and I have no worry about dropping my phone. It can only hold your phone in landscape position though. 

If you own an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, then there are even more possibilities with this controller. You can play your games on the big screen through the Apple TV, which makes the experience very similar to a console game. With Amazon Fire TV, you can stream your games as well which I think is the future of gaming. This controller will also work with your PC. 

The large downside to this controller is the lack of compatible games on an iPhone. There are just not many games that are made for a controller yet. You want to check compatibility with your favorite games before purchasing the Mad Catz C.T.R.L Wireless GamePad. 

Another side note;I love flying my A.R. Drone 2.0 by Parrot and was excited to test this controller. In order to use a Bluetooth controller you need to use a separate app that allows for controllers. I was disappointed by the controls for this application. It might have been an app issue, but the sensitivity was so great, that I was better off flying the A.R. Drone with my thumbs on the screen. I would not recommend this controller for those of you looking for a better RC experience with your smart phone controlled helicopter.