The iPad Pro is the best tablet ever made

Like many I was surprised last week when Apple opened up preorders for the iPad Pro and had them available in the Apple Store. I arrived at the store early and soon had a gold iPad Pro in hands, complete with 128GB of storage and LTE onboard.

I'm still waiting for the Apple Smart Keyboard which was surprisingly not in stock when I picked up the iPad Pro. I had a Logi CREATE Keyboard Case with me which I believe may be better than Apple's keyboard.

I've been using the iPad Pro exclusively since the purchase and it is a fantastic work system. The large display, keyboard, and productive Split View have worked well for me, far better than other tablets.

One of the factors making the iPad Pro such a good work system for me was unexpected. That's how tall the iPad Pro display is compared to other tablets and laptops. It's almost a couple of inches taller and I'm able to see much more information at a time than on my MacBook Air. This is a real boon to my routine, and why the aspect ratio on the iPad Pro display is better for me than other tablets and laptops.

The iPad Pro is so powerful that its performance leaves other tablets in the dust. Things happen instantly and there is no lag during operation. The 4GB of system memory plays a big role in this, too, as having many tabs open in Safari is handled better than ever on an iPad. There is very little reloading of information when returning to a tab accessed earlier, and this keeps things hopping.

The iPad Pro is making a big impact on my work flow and even though very expensive I consider it well worth the cost. You get what you pay for and I'm getting a lot.