Quanta chairman says Apple Watch 2 will ship next year

In what isn't exactly a surprise -- Apple seems to put product releases on an annual schedule -- Quanta Computer chairman Barry Lam was quoted by Chinese Media Source UDN as saying that Apple would make initial shipments of the second-generation Watch in small volumes during the second quarter of 2016. Quanta is one of the manufacturers of the Apple Watch, and Lam's comment could mean that the device should ship as soon as June. 

So what would be new in an updated Apple Watch? Some sites are suggesting that a FaceTime camera for video calls would be added, but the biggest change would be to make the Watch less dependent on the iPhone when on an Wi-Fi network. The setup and update processes could be made much faster as a result, although expected changes to Bluetooth in 2016 will also provide better range and increased data transfer speeds that will also help the Watch.

While many Apple fans are into the mode of getting the latest and greatest devices as soon as they appear, the Watch may not have as fast an update cycle. What about you? Would you get a new Apple Watch once it's available? Leave your comments below.