AWT News Update: November 12, 2015

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Big iPads, subscription apps, PDF Expert goes Mac, and errors on OS X:

  • iFixit tears down the iPad Pro, and they find big speakers!
  • Castro for iOS has gone the patronage model
  • Readdle introduced PDF Expert for Mac today, and makes PDF Expert for iOS free for a while
  • Certificate expiration errors galore

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for November 12, 2015. Just a reminder, if you happen to run a company that’s looking for advertising or sponsorship opportunities, be sure to check out our sponsor page on the Apple World Today website. 

The iFixit teardown of the iPad Pro has provided some surprising information about the device. First, in order to get that amazing sound from the newest member of the iPad family, each corner of the iPad Pro has a speaker driver that sits next to a capped resonance chamber. All four speakers are the same, and the iPad Pro shifts the function of the speakers depending on the orientation of the device - the speakers on top will always provide higher frequencies, while the lower speakers work to provide low frequency bass sounds. Next, iFixit thought that if Apple hadn’t used such nice speaker technology in the new device, it could have increased battery capacity by up to 50%. iFixit found that the battery has a 10307 mAh capacity, which according to Apple is good enough for 9 hours of life surfing the web using the Wi-Fi + Cellular model on a cellular network. The logic board is now in the exact center of the device, as opposed to other iPads where it is off to one side. iFixit confirmed the 4GB of RAM in the device, and noted that the batteries have adhesive pull tabs on them to make them easier to remove. Most iPhones and Macs get a very low repairability score, usually around 1 out of 10. The iPad Pro got a 3 out of 10. Note that if you do decide to repair your iPad Pro at some point, you’re going to have to remove a lot of adhesive.

Hopefully you listen to a lot of podcasts, not just the AWT News Update. If you do, you might use Castro for iOS and noticed that it has gone to a patronage model, somewhat like Apple World Today. This is new for an app, and the team at Supertop, the developers of Castro, are asking about a $1 a month to support their work. The team sells 3, 6 or 12 month bundles that do not auto-renew, so they’re hopeful that their patrons will think enough of the app to manually renew every so often. It’s a unique idea for an app revenue scheme, and we’re wishing them luck. 

Our friends at Readdle in Kiev, Ukraine have come out with a surprise today. PDF Expert for Mac takes the best-selling productivity app for iOS and brings it to OS X. As Readdle notes, it’s more powerful than the built-in Preview app and more cost effective than Adobe solutions. The app provides the ability to read, annotate, edit, merge, sign and fill out PDFs and PDF forms. The app sells for $19.99, and PDF Expert for iOS is free for a limited time — it’s usually $9.99 — as a way to get people to see how useful the app can be. 

Finally, if you’re using your Mac today, you may have seen an error message when trying to launch an app that basically said “This app is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete this app and download it again from the App Store.” Well, it turns out that it’s a problem on Apple’s side in which a certificate expiration error caused OS X to believe that the apps were damaged. They’re not, and it turns out that rebooting your Mac will resolve the problems. 

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.