Jony Ive talks about the Apple Pencil

With the release of the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard today, you're sure to hear a lot about all three devices and how they work and feel. Feel is the key word here, and The Telegraph ran a fascinating interview with Sir Jony Ive about... the Apple Pencil.

The gist of the article is that Ive had an interesting challenge when he designed the stylus for the iPad Pro, in that he basically had to try to re-invent the pencil that's been around since companies like Faber-Castell and Steadtler started mass-producing a way for people to express their thoughts -- in writing or art -- on paper. 

To quote writer Rhiannon Williams, 

The Pencil has been designed to replicate the tactile experience of using a pen or pencil as naturally and accurately as possible, albeit with a plethora of artistic implements, from paintbrush and airbrush to felt tip or fountain pen depending on which app you’re using to squiggle on the iPad’s screen.

Ive noted that "We hoped if you are used to spending a lot of time using paintbrushes, pencils and pens, this will feel like a more natural extension of that experience -- that it will feel familiar. To achieve that degree of very simple, natural behaviour, was a significant technological challenge."

The interview is a good one, and I encourage you to read the entire article in its entirety. The last line is the best, though: "In an age when other companies are bending over backwards to reinvent the wheel, Jony Ive has reinvented the pencil."