I’m ready for my iPad Super Pro with 27-inch display

My compadre, Steve Sande, and I placed our orders for the iPad Pro as soon as we logged on and started our daily Apple World Report duties (look for reviews soon). Steve said that he’s hoping in three years that he won’t be replacing an iMac, but will simply be getting the latest iPad Pro. I love my 27-inch iMac, but can’t see replacing it with a super-sized tablet — that is unless Apple releases the iPad Super Pro.

It would have a 27-inch display. Sure, it would be hard to carry around, but it would come with legs so you could turn it into a coffee table.

Okay, so the iPad Super Pro is a (silly) pipe dream. And while I don’t foresee the iPad Pro replacing my iMac anytime soon, I’m thinking it may replace both my 12-inch MacBook and my iPad Air 2. I’ll let you know after a weekend of testing it out.

Meanwhile, as Steve notes, we’ll need need to see some power apps move from OS X to iOS (like Motion, Final Cut Pro, etc..). However, the iPad Pro is already going to be amazingly useful with the bigger display and iOS 9’s split screen feature. 

The graphics accompanying this article are courtesy of GadgetHelpline and Funny Junk.