ThermoPro: Managing thermal images from the FLIR ONE

Back in the days when there was such as thing as Macworld/iWorld, one of the most impressive booths was that for the FLIR ONE. It's an amazing infrared camera attachment for the iPhone that first came in a version that was an iPhone 5/5s case ($149.99), then a Lightning version that can be used with any iPhone or iPad with a Lightning adapter ($249.99). So the hardware is there, but how do businesses manage large numbers of thermal images? GTI Predictive Technology has introduced an app called ThermoPro (US$79.99) that stores the images and other data in a hierarchical database to allow tracking of points of interest over time.

ThermoPro makes the FLIR ONE incredibly useful to companies that are using the device. In case you're wondering why someone would use an infrared camera like this, they're used for home inspections, power line maintenance, electrical system testing, finding pest infestations, and tracking line blockages, pipe temperatures, and fluid system tank levels. Tapping anywhere on the thermal image displays the temperature at that spot in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin units.

The ThermoPro software gives a high/low temperature live display, then creates an instant report with the thermal image, GPS location, a standard (non-infrared) photo of the asset being images, notes, and a signature from the person creating the report. The reports can be customized with any company logo, so if you're a realtor using the FLIR ONE and ThermoPro to show a buyer just how energy efficient a home is, your report can include your logo for marketing purposes.

For repeated readings for a specific location or asset, a trend chart is available showing high, low and average temperatures. There's an edges feature that enhances the clarity of thermal images, which uses a combination of the optical and thermal cameras to provide the ability to read printed words on assets. That's something not found on other thermal cameras and it's possible with the ThermoPro app. 

While ThermoPro and the FLIR ONE camera are rather specialized and definitely not mass-market, they are the perfect example of how iOS devices can be used with add-on apps and equipment to do just about anything. GTI Predictive Technology also markets ThermoPro and the FLIR ONE camera as a kit; contact the company for information, pricing, and availability.