The Wuvo Spot offers affordable, accessible tracking technology for your gadgets

The Wuvo Spot is a new Bluetooth trackable device available now for pre-order. It ships next month, but Apple World Today got an advance copy and here’s our reaction. 

Trackable gadgets aren’t new — I reviewed the Duet in September — but the Spot hits the sweet spot price-wise for folks who want to keep track of multiple gadgets.

It’s $29.95 for one, $75 for five, and $99.95 for ten. This makes the trackable technology affordable and accessible. Plus, the Spots battery is replaceable, so the device can be reused repeatedly.

The Wuvo Spot is a circular, quarter-sized item accompanied by an app. You can use the combo to “tag” an iPad, MacBook, wallet, keys, a parked car, or, heck just about anything. If you plan on using the Spot to keep track of your laptop or remote, using the included adhesive sticker is your best bet. Just apply it on the back of your Spot and stick the other side to your item. For bags and keys, you can use the key ring. Simply attach it to the Spot and tie them to your valuables.

If you’ve tagged something with the Spot hardware, you can find it using the app that you can download on your iPhone. (But what if you want to use the Spot with your smartphone? More on that in a sec.)

To use the hardware/software combo, install the Wuvo app. Pair it with the Spot by following the instructions on the app. Open the Wuvo app and register for an account. Press the back button on the Spot to wake it up. Pair the Spot by placing it beside your iPhone. Wait for the “Pairing Successful” message. 

If you can’t find your stuff, open up the Wuvo app. From there you can ring your Spot to let you know where it is. The app even tells you how near you are to it. The Wuvo app even saves your four last known locations so that in the event that your item gets lost, you can backtrack your route.

The Wuvo Spot also app alerts you when your items get out of range. If you can’t find your iPhone, use the Spot. Simply double press it, and it will ring your phone — even on silent.

What’s more, with the unique ID code on each Wuvo Spot, should someone find your lost item they can still get in touch with you directly via the Wuvo website. The finder fills out a form on the website, letting you know how you can get your item back. A notification containing all the finder's info is then sent immediately to you. From there you can contact the finder directly.

All the cost for the Wuso Spot is up front. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees. If your iOS devices, keys or TV remote have a habit of hiding form you, the Wuvo Spot can help you easily track those bad boys down.