QuickShot 2.0 makes screenshot management easy and fun

I don't know about most of you, but bloggers and tech writers tend to use screenshots a lot. Other we're writing reviews, how-tos, or trying to just capture fleeting images on our devices. With all of those screenshots, it can be very difficult to keep track of where they are or grab one when you need it. That's where QuickShot 2.0 (US$4.99) for Mac OS X comes in very handy.

Most of the time, you won't even be aware of QuickShot as it's just a little icon sitting on your Mac menubar. When you first set up QuickShot, you're asked to add a folder where you save your screenshots or any other photos for that matter. QuickShot doesn't take screenshots -- there are other utilities like SnapzPro X or Skitch for that -- nor does it edit those images. But it does make it extremely easy to find recent screenshots, search for them by name or date, and then use them in other apps. 

As a somewhat meta example, I took a screenshot of the app's minimalist interface for this post using SnapzPro X, naming it QuickShot-2.png. That went into my usual folder for collecting screenshots, which I had set up earlier as the primary folder for QuickShot to scan. With a click on the menubar, I was able to see a thumbnail of the screenshot that I then dragged over to the picture upload tool for our content management system. Earlier today, I used QuickShot's search capabilities to find a shot I had taken earlier that was well down on the thumbnails. 

The thumbnails can be sorted by name or date modified/added/created, and more than one folder can be added to the search list -- perfect it you want QuickShot to look in all of your photo folders. Depending on your personal preferences, the app can be viewed with either a dark or light theme. Right-click on any thumbnail, and you can share it or add it to Photos or Flickr immediately. 

Back in June Dave Caolo reviewed an earlier, freeware version of the app, but the ability to add folders and search images by name is new and makes the app even more useful than before. QuickShot is limited in what it can do, but that's exactly the reason I use it. It's readily available and helps act as an intermediary between all of the screenshots I've taken and the content management system we use here at Apple World Today. Anyone who needs to manage their photos or screenshots with a click will love this app.