State of the Site

Hi, friends of Apple World Today. 

It's the beginning of November, so I thought I'd let you know how we're doing. In one word, "better".

We are still not out of the woods yet financially, but our readership numbers are climbing at about 15 percent per month. With readership comes revenue and financial stability. Every day I thank each and every one of you who reads Apple World Today for making us one of your go-to websites for Apple news, reviews and how-tos.

The word of the month for AWT is going to be conversion. It's important that we convert readers to subscribers who are willing to throw a couple of bucks our way every month. We're still $400 per month below our minimum goal on Patreon. Why? Only a minuscule 0.36 percent of our readers are subscribers. Raise that number to 1 percent at our current average month subscriber donation, and every ad you see on this site would be gone forever.

The more our readers subscribe, the more we can offer our readers. Another 120 or so subscribers and we're able to produce a weekly video podcast; another 150 or more and forums become a thing. Current subscribers get access to a private Slack channel and -- as subscriber Chris Westergaard can tell you -- access to occasional giveaways with some pretty sweet prizes.

If you would like another way to subscribe other than through Patreon, you can make a pledge via PayPal (see the sidebar for details). 

One final request: to help us increase our readership number even more, please share articles that you enjoy and find useful with your friends. It's as easy as clicking on the share button that you see at the end of every one of our posts and selecting a social network to share the post with.

Thanks again for everything you do.

Steve Sande and Dennis Sellers