Maybe Apple should bring multiple colors back to the iMac line

Remember when the original iMac -- and, later, the iBook laptop -- came in a choice of colors? Could it be time for a return to those days?

The first iMac came only in bondi blue. Over time Apple offered choices in strawberry, blueberry, lime, grape, tangerine, graphite, ruby, snow, indigo, sage, Blue Dalmation and Flower Power. 

Perhaps Apple could offer an all-in-one desktop in the iPhone 6s flavors: gold, sliver, space gray and rose gold. Of course, the colors wouldn't have to be limited to the iMac. It could also apply to the Mac laptop line and the Mac mini (somehow I don't see the Mac Pro as being a candidate for flashy colors). 

The iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch get all the attention these day. It's time to bring a little fun back to the Mac.