Sydney and Boston to get Maps transit directions

Two more metropolitan areas are being updated with transit directions in the Apple Maps app. The news squeaked out before the feature actually went live (it's still not working today), thanks to an update on the iOS 9 Feature Availability webpage that appears to have been made prematurely. Those two cities, Sydney, Australia and Boston, Massachusetts were added to the list, joining 11 other locations (one of them being simply "China") that have detailed transit directions.

Considering the usual web of red and orange lines indicating horrible traffic in Beantown, Boston transit directions seem like a good idea. You can still use Google Maps to find your nearest T station until Apple catches up with its web page.

I'm waiting for the Denver-Boulder area Regional Transportation District's many services to be added to the Maps app, since it covers the largest geographical area of any transit system in the US. How about you? What city do you think Apple should add next? Tell us in the Comments.