Macphun Creative Kit 2016: Pre-order now for big discounts and bonuses

One of our regular sponsors has been Macphun, the developer of a wide array of great Mac apps for photography. On October 15, Macphun will unveil Creative Kit 2016, a powerful collection of six Mac apps to make your photos look great. What's new in Creative Kit 2016?

  • New software: They've added FX Photo Studio Pro, with over 200 filters, frames, brushes and controls. That's in addition to Noiseless Pro, Snapheal Pro, Focus Pro, Tonality Pro and Intensify Pro.
  • A single installer and product key for the entire ball of wax. The installer sets up all plug-ins, activates the software, puts the Creative Kit apps in their own subfolder in the Applications folder, and gets you ready to roll.
  • Batch processing in Tonality, Intensity, FX Photo Studio and Noiseless
  • OS X El Capitan compatibility, including the fact that the apps are extensions for the Photos app and can be used within the app
  • Cross-sharing of images across all apps, so you can use Noiseless to clean up a grainy image, then send it to Tonality to make it grayscale, etc..

If you're interested in Creative Kit 2016, you'll want to pre-order now. Why?

  • You get the bundle of apps for $89.99 -- after October 14, the price goes up to $149.95. 
  • You'll get to use the current version of Creative Kit right away, and will get Creative Kit 2016 one day before everyone else
  • You get four photography bonuses including pro HD video photography training by renowned photographer Serge Ramelli, an additional selection of textures and presets for Intensify, Noiseless and Tonality, Snapselect for Mac (for finding best photos and removing duplicates), and two ebooks covering Intensity and Tonality by pro photographer Ellen Anon. 

Maybe you're already a Creative Kit user or own some of the Macphun Pro apps. In that case, you'll be happy to know that you can get a free upgrade to the new version after the official release if you already own Creative Kit, or own five of the Macphun Pro apps separately (Noiseless Pro, Snapheal Pro, Focus Pro, Tonality Pro and Intensify Pro). Or you may just want to get the great $89.99 price and take advantage of the bonuses worth $175. 

To pre-order, just use the links in this post or the click on the Creative Kit 2016 graphic in the sidebar to the right. I'll have a full review of Creative Kit 2016 soon.