Notable apps and app updates for October 5, 2015

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a short list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for iOS and Mac OS X:

Dasvibes Digital has announced Cheerio 1.0. The US$0.99 app removes advertising, trackers, and other elements from web pages when using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

DynamoLogic Solutions has released Scanify 1.0. It's a free shopping companion. Scanify scans, parses and generates QR and Barcodes. The app deciphers the linear and two-dimensional barcodes including QR Codes, Aztec Codes and Data Matrix Codes.

Tum Tums from Emboldman is a free adventure game in which users must solve levels by avoiding obstacles, collecting stars, and by activating various power-ups. The app features 22 characters.

WordGenius! 1.04 by JN Interactive AB is a word game in which users are presented with various, randomly-arranged letters that they must swipe in order to spell a set number of words. There are seven levels arranged by degree-of-difficulty, and each awards successful users with a haul of "genius points."

GroupCal has introduced nag! 1.0.1. It's a free app that lets anyone send themselves, individuals or groups a text reminder at anytime, and with any repeat interval. Nag! delivers reminder notifications via in-app notification, or SMS for those without the app. It also offers an archive feature.

Radical.FM, the Internet radio service that delivers the largest free and ad-free music library in America, has launched RadCasting, a social listening, sharing, and discovery experience. It allows users to tune-in or broadcast (RadCast) music live in real time even while mobile. 

When users discover new songs, they can add them to their own Stations with a single tap. Listeners can tell Casters what they think, and Casters can inform friends and followers via Facebook and Twitter. The more popular the RadCast, the higher it ranks. Radical.FM with RadCasting is available now on iOS, Android, and all major desktop browsers. 

Vismo has enhanced its people tracking app — available on the Apple Store for iOS 7 and iOS8 —  for the Apple Watch by enabling users to remotely operate the panic alert button without having to key in their security code. The app is purchased by individuals and businesses as a “duty of care” precaution for staff working in hazardous or high risk environments, ranging from potentially dangerous work environments to areas where civil wars or terrorist incidents pose a threat to life and limb, and wherever kidnapping is a possibility.