Nintendo gets into the mobile game market with Miitomo

When you think of gaming, one of the first names that may pop into your head is Nintendo. The company has been a no-show in the world of smartphones and tablets, but that will soon be changing. The company announced last night that it will be releasing a smartphone game called "Miitomo" soon, the first of five games that will be released by March 2017.

Are you familiar with the Wii "Mii" avatars that you can create? That's what Miitomo is all about. Your Mii will communicate with other users, even communicating with other people's Mii's without their knowledge. Nintendo believes that the game will "encourage people who are hesitant to talk to share things about themselves" with other users. 

The game was originally expected to launch this year, but has been delayed until March 2016. The company wants to fully promote Miitomo and what it is (Editor's Note: it makes absolutely no sense to me...), but is trying to concentrate its marketing efforts on other titles right now. Miitomo is a free-to-play game with "attractive add-ons" users can pay for, and other apps will be pay-to-download. Nintendo also announced a new membership service -- Nintendo Account -- connecting PC, Nintendo hardware, and smartphone users, allowing the transfer of data between the mobile and console versions of games.