AWT News Update: October 29, 2015

Stories from both sides of the pond on today's AWT News Update!

  • Apple has petitioned the Supreme Court to have the 2013 guilty verdict on antitrust and conspiracy charges heard (did you catch the visual joke in the thumbnail photo for this post? The Supremes? Get it? Never mind...)
  • iPad Pro is coming soon! Training for AppleCare support staff is underway and will finish by November 6.
  • BBC has confirmed that iPlayer will be available "soon" for the new Apple TV
  • Siri will be coming to Apple Music on Apple TV in early 2016

The text version is back today (see below) and here's video of the podcast recording!

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 29, 2015. Our sponsor this week is Tinderbox, a powerful personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze and share your notes. Find out more about Tinderbox today.

It’s the lawsuit that will never end. Back in 2013, Apple was found guilty of conspiring with publishers to inflate the price of e-books. The ruling has been appealed, but the company has now petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear the case. Apple said in its petition that the “June decision by the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York contradicted Supreme Court precedent and would ‘chill innovation and risktaking’. Apple said that “The Second Circuit’s decision will harm competition and the national economy”. If the Supreme Court upholds the lower court’s verdict, Apple would be liable to pay $450 million as part of a settlement with class action lawyers and state district attorneys.

It appears that the iPad Pro will be on the way soon. 9to5Mac’s “sources” say that Apple has started training AppleCare support staff on troubleshooting the device, and that training should be wrapped up by Friday, November 6th. In addition, it looks like the Apple Pencil will be getting a special charging adapter to be used to charge the stylus with a normal Lightning cable. At Apple’s September event where the iPad Pro and Pencil were demonstrated, the company showed the Pencil’s Lightning connector — which is in the eraser area, by the way — being plugged right into the bottom of the iPad Pro. This brought up concerns that the Apple Pencil’s connector could be subject to being broken, so Apple will be including an adapter that goes between a standard Lightning charging adapter and the Pencil’s connector. Wi-Fi configurations of the iPad Pro will be available in Silver, Gold and Space Gray starting at $799 for 32GB of storage and going up to $949 for 128 GB of storage. The Wi-Fi + Cellular version is available only in a 128 GB model for $1079. As soon as they’re available for pre-order, Apple World Today will let you know!

The BBC confirmed that its popular iPlayer service will be available soon on the new Apple TV. iPlayer has been absent from the existing Apple TV models, although it has been around on Amazon’s Fire TV, ROku, Google Chromecast and a number of video game consoles. MacRumors had reported earlier in October that two developers in the UK, Matt Cheetham and Philip Caudell had created a tvOS app to show how easy it would be for the British broadcaster to create its own official app. It took the developers less than 9 hours to build a working version, and they published the code for their player online.

Finally, we all know that the new Apple TV’s key feature is the Siri-enabled universal search. Apple told BuzzFeed that Siri will be coming to Apple Music on Apple TV early in 2016. That means that you could tell Siri to “Play me hits from the 1980s” or “Play the newest album by Carrie Underwood” and it would respond with the appropriate music. By doing this, Apple will be really positioning the Apple TV as a single source for video, movies, games and now music.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.