Apple has apparently sold almost $1.7 billion of Apple Watches

In examining Apple’s annual SEC filing, the folks at VentureBeat found that the Apple Watch, which didn’t go on sale in the U.S. until April 10, still accounted for more than 100 percent of the year-over-year growth in net sales of “Other Products.” 

Other Products -- which includes, among other things, the Apple TV and the iPod -- grew from $8.379 billion in 2014 to $10.067 billion in 2015. That means Apple has sold at least $1.688 billion worth of Apple Watches, notes VentureBeat. However, as the statement implies, the actual figure is higher in a category that was dragged down by falling iPod sales. 

“If that pace can be maintained, it’s reasonable to think Apple Watch could be at least a $5 billion business in this current fiscal year,” VentureBeat adds.

Another interesting tidbit from the SEC filing: Apple’s total R&D (research and development) expense was $8.1 billion in 2015. That’s up from $6.0 billion in 2014, $4.5 billion in 2013 and $3.4 billion in 2012.