4th-gen Apple TV reviewers love Siri as a TV helper

Tomorrow is the day that pre-orders of the new, fourth-generation Apple TV will arrive, and Apple Stores will have the new unit in stock. So should you pull out the credit card and buy one? We can't tell you what to buy -- or not -- but we can let you know what the other folks who are doing reviews of the device are saying. To start off, this video review by Nilay Patel over at The Verge is excellent:

What are other bloggers saying? Mashable's Christina Warren (a TUAW alumnus!) said that setup is a snap if you have an iOS device with iOS 9.1 installed as you can "use the Bluetooth connection from your iPhone or iPad to share information such as iCloud and iTunes account preferences and your WiFi password". 

BuzzFeed loves the new Siri Remote, saying it's a big improvement over the previous Apple TV remote. The ability to ask Siri to find content is great, but the reviewer (John Paczkowski) absolutely loved the "What did he/she say?" feature, saying:

And thanks to “What did he say?” — which skips back to replay a character’s comment with closed captioning, I finally know what Benicio Del Toro’s character was mumbling in The Usual Suspects. (“I said he’ll flip you. …Flip you. Flip ya for real.” Kind of a letdown. Don’t even get me started on Lost in Translation.) Also: For a few glorious moments last night I was able to taunt my wife by repeatedly what-did-he-saying a favorite moment in Blue Velvet.
— http://www.buzzfeed.com/johnpaczkowski/the-apple-tv-youve-always-wanted-is-finally-here

The Wall Street Journal's Geoffrey Fowler says that this Apple TV is closer to the dream we all want, saying "The long-awaited update, arriving this week, still isn’t the cord-cutting fix for pricey cable TV many of us have been pining for. But I expect Apple to continue hacking away at the old ball-and-chain cable subscription, and the new Apple TV is its machete." Fowler points out that the new device doesn't support 4K Ultra HD resolution, but says that "I think the Apple TV lays the best foundation for what I want TV to become" in comparison with other 4K-enabled streaming systems.

re/code's Walt Mossberg also felt that the lack of 4K wasn't a big deal, saying "On the 43-inch 4K Vizio TV I used for testing, 4K videos looked no different at 8 feet on the Roku and Amazon boxes than on the new Apple one. And there’s hardly any 4K video available, even where it’s offered, on services like Netflix and YouTube."

One common theme in these and other reviews I read over the past few days is best said by Mossberg: 

I don’t know when, if ever, Apple will reinvent TV. But this isn’t the moment. I can say that, if I were buying a streaming box right now, this is the one I’d buy, if only for the promise of lots of apps.

Are you getting an Apple TV? If you are, what's the big feature that sold you on the new set-top box? And if you aren't, what's keeping your wallet closed this time around? Tell us in the comments.