Almost Impossible! is the truth

Dan Counsell is well known in Mac and iOS circles as one of the brains behind Realmac Software, the developers of such great apps as RapidWeaver, Clear and Typed. He's just created something a bit different that's not a Realmac product -- a cross-platform game by the name of Almost Impossible! Yes, you read that right -- there will be versions for iOS (US$1.99), Apple TV (US$1.99), and Mac (US$3.99). Note that all of those are introductory prices, so if you're intrigued, you'd best get thee to the App Store ASAP and buy it.

As you can tell from the title of this post, Almost Impossible! is pretty darned difficult to master. It's a simple game; with a tap on the screen of your device you make a bouncing ball move right or left. The ball, which has eyes and an occasional face, meets a number of obstacles on its way to... wherever. Your goal is to keep it from hitting pointy or ball-like obstacles that are colored red, in which case your ball-thing breaks into a pile of debris. 

This physics-based side-scroller is tough. I'm not much of a gamer; I tend to stick to word games or puzzlers like Monument Valley, although I found Alto's Adventure to be highly addictive. There's a difference between Alto's Adventure and Almost Impossible!, though. With the former, I had easily achievable goals that I could use to learn more about the game and continue building my skills. As a result, I've moved far into the game. 

With Almost Impossible!, I found myself getting frustrated quickly. First I had to figure out how to give the ball-man enough momentum to bounce off of a first blue block and pop up to the top of some letters. That took a while. Once that was mastered, I needed to bounce along the letters, then get to a revolving panel and try to move on...

Once you get to the point that there's just no way you think you can move on, you can always buy a "skip level" for a $0.99 in-app purchase. As frustrating as I found Almost Impossible!, I could probably spend every penny (and that's about what we make here at AWT) of my income on buying skip levels. There are over 50 levels to the game, so one could theoretically spend just about $50 to make it through the game without going completely wacko, or you could just keep playing until you find yourself at the final level... but without a job, family, or friends because you've become addicted to Almost Impossible!

If you're good at physics-based side-scrollers, you're going to love Almost Impossible! and will spend hours hitting the retry button and trying to move on. It's simple, but it is incredibly challenging. You should definitely try out Almost Impossible! and see if it's to your liking.