Inateck Lacerta In-Ear Headphones bring big sound in a very small package

Inateck lacerta in-ear headphones. Photo©2015, Steven Sande

Inateck lacerta in-ear headphones. Photo©2015, Steven Sande

With the holidays coming up sooner than we all expect, it's time to start thinking about gifts for our friends and family. Since so many of us use iPhones and iPads to listen to music, watch movies or play games, headphones are always a good thought. Inateck's new Lacerta Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphone (US$49.99 MSRP, $25.99 through is a way to give the gift of sound without spending a lot of money.

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Not much to say about the outside design of the headphones; Inateck uses a traditional plug that works with your iPhone or iPad, and the switch/microphone works well with both Apple devices and Android/Windows Phone through the use of an A/B switch.

The housing of the Lacerta headphones is made of knurled aluminum, making it easy to get a grip on them even when your hands are sweaty. As with most Inateck products, the details of what comes with the headphones show you the value of this product. The company throws in a clothing clip to keep the cable from flopping about; large, medium and small silicone ear plugs that can be interchanged for a perfect fit, a carrying case, and even one of those dual-prong airline adapters so you can use the headphones on most aircraft audio systems.

Lacerta headphone included accessories. photo©2015 steven sande

Lacerta headphone included accessories. photo©2015 steven sande

There's some surprising attention to detail on the Lacerta headphones. The company wants to make sure that the cables stay attached for a long time, so all of the cable ends are surrounded by a thick TPU "rat tail" to protect them from wear. The left and right ears are engraved with L and R respectively, and unlike the painted-on markings on much more expensive headphones, these will not wear off.


Okay, I really didn't expect a pair of $26 headphones to provide amazing sound, but the Lacerta headphones are quite good. The dual dynamic drivers provide a real low-end kick that I don't usually hear with in-ear headphones. For example, there is some low-frequency detail in Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" that I honestly don't think I've heard before, and that includes using much more expensive headphones. 

The impressive bass response is joined with clear and crisp high-end sound. Although these are not noise-canceling headphones, I did find that the in-ear silicone plugs did a good job of blocking outside sounds. I also found that I was able to crank down the volume with the Lacerta headphones and listen comfortably to details without having my ears subject to damage. 

Mic/button for Inateck LACERta headphones. Photo©2015 steven sande

Mic/button for Inateck LACERta headphones. Photo©2015 steven sande

The controls on the mic/button are easy to use; your fingers will easily know what side is the "bottom" since the A/B switch protrudes a bit and provides a bit of tactile feedback. 


Like the Inateck BH1001 Wireless Bluetooth Headset reviewed a few months ago, the Lacerta In-Ear Headphones provide excellent value and sound. These headphones prove that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get great sound. Once again, this is an Inateck product that I have no problems recommending to everyone.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★