Cook and Maestri: Apple Pay, Apple Music, Apple News all thriving

In a conference with analysts and the press regarding Apple’sfiscal 2015 fourth quarter that ended Sept. 26, CEO Tim Cook and Apple Chief Financial Officer said that Apple Pay, Apple Music, and Apple News initiatives are all doing gangbuster business.

Earlier this month, Apple announced double digit monthly growth in Apple Pay transactions. Today Maestri said that Apple is partnering with American Express to bring the payment service to customers in key global markets. Apple Pay will be available for eligible Amex customers in Canada and Australia later this year, and will come to Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2016.

Cook said that Apple Music, which debuted in June, is now in 100 countries. The streaming music service Music already has over 15 million users with over 6.5 million paying customers, he adds. Apple Music is coming to China this quarter  and will be available on the fourth generation Apple TV, which went on sale this week. 

As for Apple News, a news aggregator app (think Flipbook and Zite), Cook says that over 40 million folks are reading Apple News. Plus, it already has over 70 publishers, he adds.

Oh yes, the company’s retail stores aren’t doing too shabbily either. Apple plans to open or replace 30 to 40 Apple Stores next year. The company plans to have 40 Apple Stores in China by mid-2016.