Apple's share of China's smartphone market creeps up to 16.2 percent in the second quarter

Xiaomi — a Chinese electronics company that’s the world’s biggest smartphone maker — continued to lead China's smartphone market in the third guard in terms of sales to retailers, but its share shrank to 16.4 percent from 18 percent in the second quarter, according to a report by IHS Technology (as noted by, a global investment newswire.). The Apple iPhone’s share of the Chinese smartphone market rose slightly from 16 percent to 16.2 percent. 

IHS Technology China Research Director Kevin Wang said the share of Chinese smartphone maker OPPO jumped to 10.2 percent from eight percent in the second quarter, while the share of another Chinese maker VIVO remained unchanged at 10 percent. Samsung's share fell further to 8.8 percent from nine percent in quarter two.

Share of other Chinese smartphone makers including Alibaba-backed Meizu, Coolpad, Lenovo and ZTE were revealed for the first time by IHS Technology. Meizu won a share of 6.7 percent in the third quarter. Coolpad took 4.8 percent, Lenovo took 4.4 percent, and ZTE took 2.7 percent. China is the world's largest smartphone market.