Apple still touts the iPad (and the upcoming Pro model) as tablet sales continue to drop

Apple’s fiscal 2015 fourth quarter that ended Sept. 26, Apple sold 9.9 million iPads. That’s down 10% from last quarter and down 20% year-over-year. However, the company says it remains optimistic about its tablet line and has high hopes for the upcoming iPad Pro.

In a conference with analysts and the press, Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said that the company is “excited” about the supersize iPad’s potential, especially in the enterprise market. And even though sales continue to trend downward, folks love their iPads, he added.

“In the segments of the tablet market where Apple competes, the iPad has 73 percent share of the US market for tablets priced above $200,” Maestri says. “And iPad customer metrics remain extremely positive. Changewave says there’s a 97 percent consumer satisfaction rate for the iPad Air 2 and that 70 percent of tablet purchasers plan to purchase an iPad. When it comes to corporate buyers, that number is 95 percent.”