Apple adding carrier billing support for iTunes

Apple is adding a way for folks to pay for iTunes purchases on iTunes beyond credit or debit cards — a move that “points to the company sharpening its focus on marketing the iPhone to a wider set of users,” reports Techcrunch. Apple is working first with O2/Telefonica in Germany to let you pay for items using carrier billing, the article adds.

Carrier billing means users can now pay for apps and other iTunes purchases by linking up their phone numbers to charge the items to their mobile bills. For example, if you’re an O2 user in Germany, you can now enter your phone number instead of a card number into your iTunes’ account information. 

Subsequent purchases from Apple Music, iTunes, the App Store and iBooks are then charged directly to your phone bill, or debited from a prepaid amount that a you have added to the phone if you’re not on a contract. No word on the timetable for carrier billing expansion to the rest of the world.