AWT News Update: October 26, 2015

Finance, Facebook, MFi controllers, and faux data fill our report today:

  • One Wall Street investment research company is betting big on Apple
  • Facebook to update its apps with more notifications
  • Siri remotes can't be used for multiplayer games
  • Low or High: How many Apple Pay users are there?

Text version is below, video is here!

Text Version

Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 26, 2015. Our sponsor this week is Tinderbox, a powerful personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze and share your notes. Find out more about Tinderbox today.

Since Apple will be announcing its earnings tomorrow, a lot of investment firms are putting out reports about the company and how they expect Apple fared during its fourth fiscal quarter ending September 30. One such firm, Cowen Company, raised its share price target to $135 and forecasted that the company will report sales of 50 million iPhones and 9.5 million iPads for the past quarter. Cowen also expects Apple to ship between 78 and 80 million iPhones during the 1st quarter of 2016 (which ends on December 31, 2015), with projected revenues in the range of $80.1 billion. Timothy Arcuri of Cowen thinks that Apple will introduced a refreshed 4-inch iPhone in 2016 as well, as supply chain sources have told him that the company has worked on a successor to the iPhone 5s. We’ll have full coverage of Apple’s earnings report tomorrow afternoon.

Facebook wants to be your one app for everything. The company today announced more changes to its mobile apps, enabling notifications that are more closely tailored to what you want to see and based on your current location. For example, the Notifications tab provides information on milestones, event RSVPs, sport scores and TV episode reminders, with those last two items being based on your Liked pages. The changes will be rolled out to iPhone users soon.

We’ve heard from some of our readers that they’re buying extra remotes for the new Apple TV thinking that they can be used as multiple controllers for gaming. Well, they can’t. Only one Siri Remote can be paired to an Apple TV. Instead, you’ll need to use multiple iOS devices running the updated version of the Remote app, or MFi (made for iPhone/iPad) game controllers. Apple Stores are already starting to stock some Bluetooth MFi game controllers, so be sure to take a look at them when you visit your nearest Apple Store to pick you that Apple TV.

Our final story today shows how Apple’s secrecy with its internal sales data tends to skew how outside research firms view its products. Phoenix Marketing International revealed research today showing that 14% of all US households with credit cards had signed up for Apple Pay by the end of Septeber, but the firms said that the growth rate for Apple’s payment system has slowed down. A Reuters article earlier this year cited a survey which showed that two-thirds of the top 100 US retailers were not planning to support Apple Pay in 2015. In contrast, Apple’s last earnings call revealed that the company was adding 80,000 small businesses to the service each month, and that universities and colleges were accepting Apple Pay and it would be accepted at 1.5 million places by the end of 2015. So who has the right numbers? We won’t know until Apple divulges the information.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.