Redbubble: iPhone and iPad cases, MacBook skins for everyone

Since Apple World Today first launched at the beginning of February, you've seen a lot of reviews of iPhone and iPad cases. My guess is that you probably looked at 99% of them and said "Meh, that's not for me." Maybe the case was too expensive or wasn't waterproof, but chances are the look of the case just didn't excite you. That's where Redbubble is going to shake your world. The company makes iPhone and iPad cases as well as MacBook skins that are very unique, seeing that they're literally works of art.

I can almost guarantee that everyone will find a case design to their liking, as Redbubble has tens of thousands of different styles to choose from. As an example, as I was looking at the Redbubble site today to research this post, the first iPhone case that I saw was the one you see at right called Crow Invasion by British artist Carl Conway. I am a huge fan of crows and ravens; the parent company of Apple World Today is named Raven Solutions, LLC because of my affinity for the obnoxious birds. The cases come in two different styles -- Snap ($25) and Tough ($30).

The Snap cases are extremely lightweight (just 15 grams) and are quite minimalistic. They'll protect the finish of your iPhone, but a drop might still damage your device. The Tough cases weigh a bit more (30 grams total) but include a inner silicon shock absorbing sleeve that provides a lot more protection. For the iPad, you can get cases priced at $45 or skins -- vinyl decals -- priced at just $20. 

All of the cases are designed by artists who submit their artworks to Redbubble and make a little bit of money in the process. The artwork is printed into the plastic using a process that ensures that you'll not only see the design as it was originally created by the artist, but that it will probably last longer than your iPhone or iPad.

For your MacBook (most styles, but not the 12-inch MacBook yet...), you can get skins that are removable vinyl decals. They protect the finish on the back of your MacBook and give it a heck of a lot of class at the same time. 

Just for fun, we'll be highlighting a different Redbubble artist every week. Get a new case for your iPhone or iPad, a skin for your MacBook and support Apple World Today at the same time.