Meet our newest sponsor: Tinderbox

This week’s Apple World Today sponsor is Tinderbox, a professional tool for notetaking that is designed to supercharge visualization, organization and cultivation of your ideas. Tinderbox is available directly from the developers at Eastgate Systems, Inc. for US$249, in a family five-person license for $285, and in a ten-user license for schools, libraries and work teams for $645.

Tinderbox is more than just a notetaking app — this personal content tool is now in its sixth iteration and it brings a full set of powerful capabilities to any projects you may be working on.

As you create notes, Tinderbox makes a visual map. Take those notes and arrange them, organize them by shape and color, and link them. Recording your ideas quickly is at the core of Tinderbox, but creating relationships between those ideas can spark new thoughts and ideas for you to explore.

A timeline view makes it possible to understand time-based information, and moving notes along the timeline helps understanding of the temporal structure of your data.

All of Tinderbox’s views — maps, timelines, charts, outlines and more — can be open simultaneously. The app includes agents that scan your notes constantly, update information from the internet and look for overdue tasks, uncompleted notes, or interesting topics.

Planning to participate in National Novel Writing Month -- NaNoWriMo — starting on November 1, 2015? Tinderbox is the perfect tool to keep track of all your characters, settings, and stories. Need to buy a house, choose a car, select a college? Tinderbox will help you gather the information you need -- and will adapt as your understanding of the problem changes.

When your data is compiled and organized, Tinderbox makes it simple to create output in HTML, XML, RSS, OPML and more formats.

A full set of case studies on the Tinderbox website show how individuals have used the app in fields as varied as editing and publishingart educationteachinggame designinformation architecture, and forensic psychiatry to name a few.

We at Apple World Today are thrilled to have Tinderbox as our sponsor, and encourage you to take the time to explore this deep and powerful tool. You can download a copy of Tinderbox here to try it for yourself, or investigate all the ways it can be your personal content assistant on the Tinderbox website.

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