Apple has 9.3 percent of Taiwan’s smartphone market based on sales volume

Apple had 9.3 percent of Taiwan’s smartphone market in September (as determined by sales volume), reports The Central News Agency, Taiwan’s official news agency.

Samsung had 23.4 percent share, followed by HTC with 17.5 percent, ASUSTeK with 15.9 percent, and Sony with 10.8 percent. By sales value, Samsung took a 28.9 percent share, followed by Apple's 25.8 percent, HTC's 13.4 percent, Sony's 12.8 percent, and ASUSTeK's 9.7 percent, reports The Central News Agency (as noted by, a global investment newswire.)

However, the iPhone market share in Taiwan seems to be slipping. The Central News Agency reported that the Apple smartphone accounted for 23.4 percent of all smartphones sold in February in Taiwan.