Future iOS docking stations may recognize hand gestures and vibrations

Future docking stations for iPhones and iPads may recognize hand gestures and motions. Apple has filed for a patent (number 20150301615) with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for “impact and gesture inputs for docking stations.”

According to the invention, a docking station configured to mate to an iOS device would enable methods of interacting with the device by, for example, knocking on a table on which the device and/or the docking station are disposed and by means of contactless gestures. The electronic device would remain powered down while the docking station monitors for user input. The docking station would pack a processor that could detect a user's impact and contactless gesture inputs.

According to Apple, a user would be able to “train” the dock to perform certain tasks when the user knocks or gestures. For example, a knock on the table on which the dock resides could wake up your iPhone or iPad and open the Music app. In another example, a hand gesture would wake up your iOS device and display the Calendar and events for the day.