Apple World Today on Apple's News app: A new way to read your favorite site


After inexplicable delays that kept us frustrated for months, Apple World Today is finally available on Apple's News app. Those of you who are finding News to be an engaging way to aggregate all of your favorite news sources can now mark Apple World Today as a favorite and watch our posts show up in your feed.  

Tap that button while viewing this page on your favorite iOS device running iOS 9 and it will launch the News app, open to our feed. Tap the + button in the upper right of the News page (to the right of the Apple World Today logo) to add it to your favorite.

The image at the top of this page shows the AWT feed in the app; generally, if you add us as a favorite you'll see our posts scattered hither and yon in the general news feed. Adding us as a favorite, you can tap right on the Apple World Today button that appears on the Favorites tab and read just our posts. I mean, it's not like you need any other news source, amiright?

What don't you get? Well, not as much media. Many of the posts come across as they would in an RSS news reader, with just the text and links. Some posts have images. You won't be able to see video that we may post.

At this time, Apple has only provided us with the ability to distribute our feed through News; you won't see gorgeous, magazine-like posts with full media until they let us use the Apple News Format in News Publisher. Soon, we hope...