A look at two Silk Innovation cases for the new iPhones

Silk Innovation makes some fine cases for the iPhone. There’s nothing unique about most of the company’s products, but they’re solid, well made and reasonably priced. Today I’ll look at two cases for the iPhone 6s Plus (though they’re also available for the iPhone 6s and earlier models of Apple’s smartphone).

The PureView is a svelte, crystal clear case that offers reasonable protection without adding much extra bulk to the iPhone. Its “dual-tred” (nope, that’s not a typo; that’s how it’s spelled) build is designed to disperse shocks away from the Apple smartphone, while elevated 360 degree corners protect the screen from dings and bumps. 

The $11.99 PureView comes with a back panel template that lets you insert your own printed image into the back of the case. It’s an interesting idea, but the templates are a little difficult to install.

The Vault Slim Wallet Case is a slim, protective wallet case for that fits three credit cards plus cash. Its one-piece construction provides full-frame protection, while a screen guard protects the iPhone’s screen.

The $14.99 Vault Slim Wallet Case soft-touch finish lets you easily pull it out of your pocket. However, if, like me, you’re using an iPhone 6s Plus, it’s too big to stuff in my pants pocket. Also, I’m not comfortable having my cash, credit cards, and iPhone all in one case. Losing one of those items would be bad; losing all three at once would be a catastrophe.