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It's hard to believe we're at the end of the month of October already, but the fact that kids will be knocking on my door in an attempt to extort candy from me in ten days. Thanks to our Patreon backers and those who have chosen to support through Paypal, things are bit less scary here at Apple World Today than they were just a little over a month ago. 

As you've seen, we are producing a lot of content at Apple World Today -- there are just two of us cranking away at the keyboard every day (plus a few guest columnists from time to time), but we are getting into a rhythm and enjoying the work. Thanks to our readers, we're also starting to see some improvement in non-Patreon revenue. Every time you buy an app from this site on either the Mac or iOS App Store or click an Amazon affiliate link in a post, or even try out one of our affiliate advertisers like Pad & Quill or Gazelle, we earn a little money. That all adds up, and we thank you for it.

We are getting very close to our "keep the lights on" goal -- just $390 per month away. If just 78 more readers signed up for a $5 monthly pledge, we'd be there. The goal after that is just $640 per month away, at which time we'll start a weekly podcast.

But the heart of this site is those wonderful people who have opened their wallets and their hearts to support AWT. Since our last update, here are those people who have either started supporting the site, raised their monthly pledge, or made a one-time donation to the site.


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