Seven new ads highlight Apple Watch features

Apple today released seven (!) new Apple Watch ads highlighting some of the features and capabilities of the wearable. Each of the ads is just 16 seconds long and is perfect for catching the attention of TV viewers and giving them a message... before they get bored. The first, "Dance" uses the 1980s hit INXS tune "You're My Kind" to grab your attention, along with an amazing dancer:

Next, the amazing feat of having your wristwatch serve as your boarding pass is covered in "Travel": 

Increasing your eBay bid while practicing piano doesn't mean you have to stop when wearing an Apple Watch. "Play" is perfect: 

Apple Pay gets highlighted in "Skate", showing just how fast you can pay for something: 

The Apple Watch Activity app gets the focus in "Move": 

The Apple Watch drips with "Style" and there's no better way to express it than to change your watch band with every change of clothes: 

Lastly, the Apple Watch gives you time for a "Kiss" betwen the Uber notification and when you actually need to catch your ride:

Do you think Apple's Watch ads will attract buyers, especially during the upcoming holiday shopping season? Give us your opinions in the comments.