AWT News Update: October 21, 2015

We've been out looking for that McFly kid, and gathering Apple news for you as well:

  • Find My Friends appears in
  • Sprint customers now get Wi-Fi calling that expands on Apple's Continuity feature
  • YouTube announces a subscription service
  • The chairman of Ferrari thinks an Apple car is definitely in the works

The text of this podcast is below, and you can watch it all unfold before your eyes on video here

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 21, 2015. By the way, some guy named Marty McFly just showed up at my door, and he’s looking for his flying car…

Marty might have been able to find his car if he had given Doc Brown an iPhone and asked him to share his position on Find My Friends. And if McFly hadn’t brought his own iPhone or iPad along with him to the year 2015, he could just bring up the web version of iCloud and use Find My Friends to see where Doc had ended up. Yes, Find My Friends showed up on today, where it’s hidden the menu in the top left corner of your browser window. After you’ve used it once, it shows up on your home page along with all of your other favorite iCloud apps.

Sprint customers using iPhones who update to iOS 9.1 today will find that they have improved Wi-Fi calling that expands on Apple’s Continuity feature. Calls to a Sprint iPhone can be set to ring on any Apple product that is signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID. That means your calls can come in on Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, and the iPod touch. Just make sure all of your devices have the latest OS version, and then turn on “Calls from iPhone” under FaceTime settings on all of your other devices. What’s nice about the new feature is that even if you have a weak or nonexistent cellular signal, Wi-Fi calling means that your calls should come in on all devices.

Tired of watching ads on YouTube? Now you can sign up for YouTube Red, a new subscription service that gives you two bonuses: no ads and the ability to download videos to watch offline. YouTube Red launches on October 28 for $12.99 for iPhone and iPad users, and the service will come with a free 30-day trial at launch.

Today on CNBC, Ferrari chairman and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said he believes Apple will make a car. That is, he thinks that Apple will design the car, then contract out to a third-party supplier for manufacturing — similar to what the company does with all of its computers, tablets and smartphones. Marchionne wasn’t too happy about the prospect of Fiat becoming a Foxconn-like low-margin supplier to Apple, but said that car makers are ready to work with partners like Apple and Google as the industry changes.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.