Apple Store employee arrested and charged for allegedly stealing almost $1M in gift cards

New York City's NBC Channel 4 News is reporting that after an internal investigation, an employee at the Queens Center Apple Store has been arrested and charged with numerous crimes including grand larceny. Ruben Profit conducted his illegal operation at the store, where he would use Visa and American Express gift, debit and pre-paid credit cards to load Apple gift cards that he would then sell to an unidentified third party for a discount. 

Apple began to think something was amiss when charge-backs on the fraudulent gift cards started showing up, so the company started an investigation earlier this month. When arrested, Profit had seven Apple gift cards loaded with $2,000 each in his possession, as well as 51 American Express and Visa gift cards re-encoded with stolen credit card information. Profit had purchased $997,000 in Apple gift cards for redistribution at the time of his arrest.

Profit, who had worked as an Apple retail employee since December 2013, told authorities that he was compensated $200 for each of the $2,000 Apple gift cards he sold. It's unknown where Profit obtained the credit card information that was re-encoded onto the American Express and Visa cards, but such information is apparently posted on the "Dark Web." Rewriting magnetic swipe cards with account information from another source is considered fraud. The report by NBC Channel 4 News notes that if convicted, Profit could spend up to 15 years of his life in jail.