A look at the CM4 Q Card Case and Stealth Armor cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

CM4's CM Q Card and the $29.95 Silk Innovation Stealth Armor are two impressive and functional cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (I used them with the latter). Both are sleek, stylish, and modern-looking.

The US$39.99 Q Card Case offers a convenient pocket on the rear that holds up to three credit cards, plus cash. However, I found that with even two credit cards and a limited number of bills folded double, it's somewhat difficult to extract those cards or bills from the pocket due to the tight fit. 

The Q Card Case loosened a bit with use, but still remained too tight for my tastes. I do feel that the items kept in the rear pocket helped offer added protection in the event of a dropped iPhone 6 that lands directly on its back.

The $29.95 Silk Innovation Stealth Armor case is slim and simply too-cool-for-school in its appearance. You can change the backplate to three different colors (gun metal, silver or gold) to match your wardrobe. 

Each of the four corners has air pockets to protect the iPhone 6 from damage if it's dropped. The Silk Innovation Stealth Armor is very trim, seems to offer above-average protection, and is a good value for the price. 

Each of the cases comes with a clear, plastic screen protector that must be applied. And I hope you’re better at applying them than I am; I have a devil of a time placing them without irritating air bubbles.