Clipcast for OS X, iOS is more than a clipboard syncing tool

Clipcast is a distributed clipboard synchronization tool for Mac OS X and iOS. Well, actually, it’s more than that. It allows you to quickly sync text, photos and web links between your desktop, laptop and iOS devices — as well as Android and Windows systems — which makes it extremely convenient.

Clipcast fills the hole in the mobile and desktop app land where you need quick and temporary data transmission across different devices and operating systems. By temporary, I mean short-living data that you need to pass back and forth between your gadgets. These usually include website links, temporary text blocks, images that you don't need or want to add into your other asset containers: photos or web bookmarks. 

You don’t want to clutter those with not-so-long lasting data items. However, you still want to transmit these sort of data back and forth, and you a fast way to do it. Clipcast lets you grab your data from other apps or directly from a clipboard and have it work somewhere else.

It works over the Internet and uses the Dropbox application programming interface for syncing. The means that, currently, Clipcast requires a valid Dropbox account to handle cloud synchronization. In the future its developers plan to add more cloud provider.

This is due to the fact that Clipcast works with Dropbox, and the internal store for the items is located under your Dropbox account. You won't be able to see Clipcast data items in the Dropbox application directly, because they're under a hidden folder (this is how datastore works), but they're there. It took me a while to adjust to this as I was looking for copied items in my Dropbox.

Automatic or manual clipboard syncing can be implemented. Clipcast has notification support and offers sharing support from other applications. On Mac OS X, it supports hotkeys and drag and drop. Copy a block of text, picture or web link on your iPhone, and Clipcast will put it to your iPad or iMac clipboard, when it’s running. Your devices don’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi location or network.

You can view and manipulate synchronized items in the history table. You can mark items as pinned to quickly access your favorites. 

There are various scenarios when Clipcast comes in handy. When I use my mobile or tablet device while browsing the web, sometimes I just want to save an article or web address for reading it later. 

You can collect content from the web and from multiple devices. You can use Clipcast for SMS content copying and syncing. You can take a new or existing photo or screenshot directly from Clipcast and let it sync without any hassle.

Clipcast requires iOS 8 or later for iPhone or iPad, Android 4.1 or later for Android devices, OS X Yosemite or later on the Mac, and Windows 7 or later on Windows 

You can obtain it for iOS at the Apple App Store and for Mac OS X at the Mac App Store. Hey, all versions are free, so Clipcast is certainly worth investigating.