Drobo launches new B810n NAS for SMB market

Drobo today launched a new addition to its impressive lineup of BeyondRAID storage arrays. The Drobo B810n (US$1,599) is targeted at the small to medium business (SMB) market, supplying a huge potential for up to 64TB of network-attached storage.

The B810n is an 8-bay array built on the tried-and-true Drobo platform. As with the other devices, the B810n uses a carrier-less drive mechanism, meaning that standard 3.5-inch HDD and SSD modules slide right into a slot with no special trays or screws required. Once up and running, indicator lights show the health of the array at a glance. 

The B810n also utilizes thin provisioning, meaning that a company can purchase the device and start off with just a few drives installed, then increase the number and capacity of drives over time simply by adding them to the array. Drobo's BeyondRAID technology lets owners mix and match drive types and capacities, provides for automatic rebuilds in the case of a drive failure, and supplies a virtual hot spare drive. 

As network-attached storage, the B810n has two gigabit Ethernet interfaces that can be aggregated for improved performance without requiring a special switch. Through adaptive link bonding, there's automatic failover if one of the ports dies. The B810n also improves performance by using fast SSDs for a hot data cache, grabbing frequently-used or new data and placing it in a cache for speedy read performance. 

With better processors than ever before, the Drobo B810n can also recover from a drive failure eight times faster than before. The device can either be used in its sleek metal case or rack-mounted. As with many of the Drobo devices, the B810n can also run apps (loaded via the Drobo Dashboard) ranging from DroboDR for offsite replication, to a full developer suite and entertainment favorites like Plex.

Drobo is sweetening the pot for early North American adopters of the B810n. Purchasing a B810n before 12/31/2015 will reward early buyers with two free 240GB SSDs that can be used in the array.