Pixelmator 3.4 Twist adds support for OS X El Capitan

The Pixelmator Team has updated Pixelmator 3.4 Twist, its image editor (my favorite, my the way) for Mac. Pixelmator 3.4 Twist offers full support for OS X El Capitan, adds the new Split View feature, brings a new Photos Extension with Metal-based Distort tools, and more. 

Split View support lets you work with Pixelmator and any other app side-by-side in full screen. The new Pixelmator Photos Extension brings Metal-based Distort tools to your Photos app. Now you can reshape areas of your image to retouch photos, create artistic effects, and more without leaving Photos. 

The Pixelmator Team says Pixelmator Photos Extension is built from the ground up on Metal. Metal is a core graphics technology that gives games and apps near-direct access to the graphics processor on your Mac, delivering enhanced performance and a richer graphical experience. Metal also allows the main processor and graphics processor to work together more effectively, boosting performance while reducing energy consumption.

Pixelmator 3.4 Twist also users San Francisco, the default font in El Capitan, as its new user-interface font. Plus, it offers enhanced support for the Force Touch trackpad

Pixelmator 3.4 Twist is available exclusively from the Mac App Store for US$29.99. It's a free upgrade to all existing customer. A 30-day trial can be found at the Pixelmator website.