Kenu Airframe+ Leather Edition cradles your iPhone in luxury


Back in the old days -- before I got my iPhone 6 Plus last year -- whenever I got into my car I immediately put my phone into a Kenu Airframe. It's an expandable holder for the iPhone that clips into any air vents in your car. I liked the fact that it kept my iPhone cool on hot days by blowing air conditioned air over it, and I had the iPhone at eye level so I could glance at it for directions. Kenu has just come out with the Airframe+ Leather Edition (US$39.95), a new version of the classic car mount that not only works with the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus, but has a leather finish so it looks classy while doing its job.


The design of the Kenu Airframe+ Leather Edition builds on the tried and true design of the original Kenu Airframe. The iPhone is gripped into an expanding spring-loaded "jaw" that's attached to an ABS plastic piece on the back that connects to almost every type of air vent that's ever been designed for a car. 

By flipping the mount 90 degrees, you can mount your iPhone either in portrait or landscape orientation. The "jaw" expands up to 3.4 inches in width so that it can grip your iPhone 6s Plus and keep it safely mounted.  


The difference with the Leather Edition of the Airframe+ is, of course, the material used to cover the grippy arm. You'd think that Kenu would probably use "vegan leather" or "leatherette" rather than true leather, but you'd be wrong -- it's genuine leather in a black finish that looks nice in any vehicle. The ABS plastic piece that is mostly hidden in the air vents of your car? It's a neutral gray.

Don't fuss if you have a gold iPhone 6s Plus... the Airframe+ Leather Edition has gold chrome accents that accentuate the look of your stylish phone. 


Over the years I've tried dozens of car mounts. There were some that used suction cups to stick to windows, others that used a "grip pad" on the dashboard, and even a few that made use of the cup holders in my car... keeping me from putting a bottle of water into the space where it should be. None has worked as well as the original Kenu Airframe and now the Airframe+ Leather Edition. 

When installed properly in your car's air vents, the Airframe+ Leather Edition simply cannot be moved. It locks into place very well, and even driving on bumpy dirt roads or over speed bumps won't cause the iPhone and mount to move.  

Over the last weekend, I took a trip that took my car over a variety of rough surfaces, and the Airframe+ Leather Edition held my new iPhone 6s Plus securely.  


At $40, the Kenu Airframe+ Leather Edition is a bit pricy, but it's the only car mount I will use with my iPhone 6s Plus. The company has taken a great design and made it compatible with the big guns of the Apple iPhone lineup, and that's a very good thing.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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