Jury says Apple infringed on an University of Wisconsin patent

A Wisconsin has found Apple in infringement of computer processor patent owned by the University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the patent licensing arm of the University of Wisconsin. The ruling that could potentially lead to a damages payout of US$862.4 million, reports AppleInsider.

In early 2013, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation filed a lawsuit saying that Apple's A7 processor (which is now up to version A9) infringed a university-developed patent that improves "the efficiency and performance of contemporary computer processors.

The patent (number 5,781,752) is for a "table based data speculation circuit for a parallel processing computer." Here's the patent summary: "A predictor circuit permits advanced execution of instructions depending for their data on previous instructions by predicting such dependencies based on previous mis-speculations detected at the final stages of processing. Synchronization of dependent instructions is provided by a table creating entries for each instance of potential dependency. Table entries are created and deleted dynamically to limit total memory requirements."

In 2013, Apple was accused of implementing the patent's technology in the company's 64-bit A7 processor that powers the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display. The complaint alleged that Apple was aware of the patent's existence because it is cited in several newer patents issued to the Cupertino, Calif. company.