If your MacBook is your main machine, the BookArc is a great accessory

As I've said before, the 12-inch MacBook is a great (if pricey) secondary Mac, but it doesn't cut it as my main computer. However, if it serves as your computer of choice — or if you use it A LOT as your backup Mac — Twelve South has a product you should check out: its revampedookArc stand.

Tailored specifically for the newest generation of MacBooks, the updated BookArc holds the tiny laptop vertically vertically, freeing up desk space. You can dock your MacBook in BookArc, and connect a large external display, keyboard and mouse, turning it into a "desktop" system. (The 12-inch laptop, though far from a powerhouse, can power up to 3840 by 2160 pixels on an external monitor.)

Twelve South's stand also matches Apple's aesthetics. The BookArc is made from bead-blasted aluminum with a polished chamfered edge that pays homage to the mirrored Apple logo on the 12-inch MacBook. 

However, the revamped BookArc works with more laptops than the 12-incher. Three interchangeable silicone inserts cradle all current MacBooks from the 11-inch Air to the 15-inch Pro with Retina Display. There's also a convenient, integrated cable-catch feature to keep your power and connections from slipping to the floor when you disconnect your MacBook.

If, like me, you mainly use your MacBook when you're on the go, there's little need for the BookArc. But if you love the diminutive Mac and want to use it as both a laptop and a "desktop," this US$49.99 peripheral is for you.