How to add links via the Notes app in OS X El Capitan

The revamped Notes app in Mac OS X El Capitan gets even beefier, adding some Evernote-like features that many users have long wanted. For example, you can embed links for websites and add images. Let's look at how. 

Some of El Capitan's apps (such as Safari, Contacts, Photos, and, strangely, Notes itself) sport a Share menu that offers a Notes option along with email, Messages, AirDrop Twitter, LinkedIn options and more. If you're on a website such as, you can save links, photos, text and more to a note by tapping the Share button and choosing Notes. (Unfortunately, the iWork apps — Pages, Numbers, and Keynote haven't been updated to support the Notes sharing feature).

But let's back up a bit. To organize your notes in El Capita,  tap the New Folder button on the lower left of the folders list (or use SHIFT + CMD + N) and enter a name for the note. To create a new note, tap the “New Note” button on the toolbar or use CMD + N. When you create a new note, you can select the folder you wish it to be stored in. If you don't choose a specific folder, the note will be filed away in the default Notes section.

Also, thankfully, the Notes app syncs with other Macs and iOS devices via iCloud. This means you can, for example, create a note on your Mac and check it on your iPhone when you’re out and about.

OS X El Capitan is available as a free update from the Mac App Store. The operating system upgrade supports all Macs introduced in 2009 and later, and some models introduced in 2007 and 2008.